i don't want to settle down, i just want to chew gum
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2:32 p.m.

I have actually been pretty busy lately. I have a lot of things going on, work-type stuff, really. The problem is, that I am doing all this stuff for free. There's the internship and the cd and book reviews that I'm writing. I also have the improv classes, which I'm paying for. I know it's called "paying your dues," but man, I'm getting broke. Why is that you spend so much more money during the summer?

I used to wake up around 9am, watch tv and lie around until noon or one-ish. Not anymore, if there isn't any work to do, then I'm off to the gym or the beach. It feels good to be busy. I left my apartment at 8:30 Monday morning and didn't get back in until 11:30pm. It was definitely a long day, but it's so much better than sitting around.

I think I might've gotten a sun-burn at the beach today.

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